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Gekko Systems shifts focus to Brazil

Gekko Systems, an innovative mineral processing company and modular plant designer has recently moved its South American focus from Chile to Brazil. Gekko is a well-known gravity expert with its InLine Pressure Jig and concentrate leaching technology and also supplies energy efficient modular plants, taking advantage of new fine crushing technologies and pre-concentration. Download File

Brochure - Ferno Arachnipod

World’s most versatile modular total edge management system (TEMS). Download File

Brochure - Ferno KED Pro

Ferno K.E.D.® is the fore-front of extrication equipment and is a vital tool required for use in confined space rescue and vehicle extrication situations today. Ferno K.E.D.® Pro which boasts a number of new and upgraded features to its original predecessor making it the new must-have extrication device for rescue situations. Download File

Brochure - Height Safety

A trusted name for over four decades, Ferno Australia has been proudly supplying high performance safety, emergency and rescue devices Download File

Brochure - Ferno Cool Vest

Cool Vest uses RPCM technology by Glacier Tek Inc. to keep you cool in hot working conditions Download File

Brochure - Ferno Emergency and Rescue Catalogue

A complete suite of products for ambulance, emergency medicine, rescue and safety. We firmly believe we’re bringing you the very best available. Download File

Brochure - Ferno First Aid Boxes

First Aid boxes with removable dividers in trays, are deeper and have a tamper-proof lock system Download File

Gekko Supplies Cyanide Detox System for Phoenix Gold Project

Rubicon Minerals Corporation is an advanced-stage gold development company focused on the environmentally sustainable development of its high-grade Phoenix Gold Project in Red Lake, Ontario. Gekko Systems is pleased to be supplying a complete turnkey Cyanide Detox System, designed to reduce cyanide in the plant discharge to less than 1ppm weak acid dissociable (WAD) cyanide using liquid sulphur dioxide (SO2) and oxygen generators for the detoxification process. Download File

Peter Carter Bio

Download File

Gekko Christmas Card

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