Gekko Invests in Technical Leadership

Gekko Invests in Technical Leadership

Gekko Systems | 01 September 2012

Technical leadership in Gekko’s key areas of global speciality is critical to the future of the company and the ongoing development of alternative flow sheets in the mining industry

“Technical leadership in Gekko’s key areas of global speciality is critical to the future of the company and the ongoing development of alternative flow sheets in the mining industry”, says Sandy Gray, Technical Director. 

“We also recognise that achieving excellence is all about having the right information and the right processes but, mostly, it’s all about having the right people”.

As a result, Gekko is committed to growing the company’s knowledge, experience and global Technical Team to provide support in achieving technical leadership in the key areas of capability (particularly in precious metals):

  • Low energy flow sheet design (optimal mineral liberation and feed preparation, comminution strategies, pre-concentration and gangue rejection flow sheets)
  • Low capex, small footprint plant design  (low capital and operating costs, fast installations, small footprint, underground processing, distributed processing)
  • Modular design and construction (modular pre-assembly design, standard components e.g. gravity circuits, screening, and flotation and crushing modules).

“When we combine the key technical knowledge with Gekko’s unique proprietary equipment, lean manufacturing processes, and operations capability, a strong resource combination is formed under the one roof”, said Gray.

“The Gekko Technical Team operates on the basis of working with customers to assess the best possible technical outcomes for their projects. We explore with the customer the characteristics of the ore, the potential recoveries and the economic benefit that our technology can deliver” .

Gekko Invests in Technical Leadership
2012 Graduates, l-r, Marcus Koot, Kur Pamarthi, Nee San Yap, Patrick Gibney, Liza Arciaga, Daniel Vasquez and Varun Patel

Gekko’s strategies enhance better results for customers through global technical leadership and include:

  • Increasing the number of people in the Technical Team across all offices. (Technical Team totals 41)
  • Developing a Graduate Metallurgy program (currently six students participating in the 2012 program)
  • Holding annual technical and training conferences, focused on sharing knowledge internally and across the company geographic centres of excellence
  • Growing capacity to provide more on-site skilled technical consulting resources
  • Investing in additional assay and metallurgical laboratory capability
  • Working with research groups such as AJ Parker to further develop industry knowledge around gold plants and particularly, the benefits of continuous gravity devices and innovative flow sheets.


Research and operations support contract with Newcrest

The three-year research and development program will target improvements in energy efficiency, reduced operating costs, increased recovery and faster project implementation time. The benefits for Newcrest will be achieved through the application of concepts to optimise crushing and grinding utilising technologies and flowsheets that focus on gangue rejection, pre-concentration and liberation at coarse grind size.


Graduate Metallurgy program

Six graduates (pictured front page) have commenced the two-year program in 2012. Since the program’s inception the graduates have participated in laboratory test work, site installations, commissioning and service visits (domestic and international).

“Technical leadership in Gekko’s key areas of global speciality is critical to the future of the company and the ongoing development of alternative flow sheets in the mining industry" Says Sandy Gray, Technical Director

Gekko’s graduate program has been flexibly designed so that graduates manage their learning. This allows the graduates to be accelerated through certain modules depending on knowledge and experience. The program also recognises the importance of developing the graduates as process engineers, as well as professional leaders within the mining industry. Accordingly, a focus on soft skill development and training around relationships has been incorporated into the program. 


Sponsorship of AMIRA P420D project

The AMIRA gold processing technology project is a collaborative industry funded project undertaking research into gold ore processing. The project has operated since 1986 covering a range of topics including; cyanidation, carbon management, gravity recovery, modelling and simulation, flash flotation, thiosulfate process development, sustainable cyanide management, benchmarking, characterisation of preg-robbing ores, processing copper-gold ores and treatment of arsenopyrite concentrates. Gekko has been a long-term sponsor of this important project.

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